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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 16: Garbage in, Garbage out

With all being explained, the topic of Garbage cannot be left behind. The last chapter focuses on Garbage which is accumulated every single second by Human beings. If garbage is properly disposed of and recycled, then there will not be Air, land, and water pollution. The chapter lists out ways to dispose of garbage which is often not done by the people. Change starts from us, and if each individual contributes towards proper disposal of garbage, then there will not be pollution. The chapter explains the changes that take place in the garbage after a couple of days. Vermicompost and its importance to save the earth from pollution are explained in the chapter. Thus, in the end, the chapter teaches the students about reducing the usage of plastic and instead rely on reusing the paper.

  • The chapter talks about the most emerging issue of the developing world, which is Garbage.
  • We often do not notice how much of the garbage we are throwing and in the wrong manner.
  • Just like every commodity has its place, garbage too has its place and a specific safe method of disposing of it.
  • The chapter further outlines the process of garbage collection by workers and being sent to a dump yard where it gets segregated.
  • Once the segregation is done, plastics and other reusable materials are recycled.
  • The food items are sent to prepare manure to grow plants and trees.
  • The garbage department takes care of all the garbage and its recycling only if we as citizens properly dispose of the garbage.
  • The chapter also highlights how the earth is becoming polluted as people are into disposing of garbage in its place.
  • In the end, the chapter discusses various methods to throw garbage and approaches to stop pollution.


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