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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 12: Buildings, Paintings and Books

This chapter tells us about the different buildings that emerged during that period. We read about buildings made of stones and brick and the significance of their structures. The chapter also tells us about the construction of temples and stupas. Paintings of that time have also been mentioned. This chapter also tells us about the importance of books as an important source of information. We also learn about religious stories, like the Puranas. The chapter ends by giving a quick view of books written on science during this period. The silent points from the chapter include the following:

  • We learn about stupas and the complicated procedure to build a stupa by the skilled craftsmen.
  • Many temples of Shiva and Vishnu were also built around this time. The most vital part of a Hindu temple is the Garbhagriha, where the deity's image was placed.
  • To build stupas and temples, good quality stones were to be found. Then they were carefully carved before being placed at the right positions.
  • The Ajanta caves also depict the paintings during that period. These paintings were made around 1500 years ago with plants and minerals.
  • A lot of epics were also written around that time. The Silappadikaram is a famous Tamil epic written around 1800 years ago. It shows the story of a merchant who
  • fell in love with a courtesan while neglecting his wife.
  • Hindu epics like the Mahabharat and the Ramayana were also written during this time.
  • The Puranas were also written during this time in Sanskrit. The Puranas were meant for all men, women and children. Even those who could not read the Vedas.
  • This was also the time when mathematician Aryabhata wrote the Aryabhatiyam. He was also an astronomer and wrote about the rotation of the earth and the theory behind eclipses.


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