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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 15: Air around us

In the previous chapters, electricity, food, and water, which are essential for survival, have been discussed. This chapter is based on Air, the most vital element for the survival of living organisms. Though air cannot be seen, it can be felt and stored. We can see how air helps the kite to fly, and the pages of a book turn when the fan circulates air. The composition of air and the necessity of air underwater and above the mountains has been shown. Air also consists of various other gases and dust. How do plants, human beings, animals, and other living organisms breathe oxygen from the air has been explained briefly. The chapter ends with the mechanism of the Windmill.

  • The chapter talks about Air, the first and foremost essential element.
  • Various examples are used to explain to students the evidence of air.
  • Students are asked to perform activities that help in identifying the way air works.
  • The activity illustrates the presence of air in an empty bottle when it is immersed in water.
  • Air is a composition of various gases, namely oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other gases.
  • Often the industries emit smoke which contains particles which combine with dust and get mixed with air.
  • Experiments have been performed in the chapter to explain the presence of air in both water and soil.
  • Though air contains other gases and dust, living organisms such as plants, human beings, and animals are capable of breathing oxygen from the air, excluding other gases and dust.


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