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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 7: Getting to Know Plants

Plants are important for all living beings as they provide us with oxygen that is essential for survival. The chapter introduces the students to different kinds of plants and their parts. The plants are then divided into groups and individually explained based on their sizes and the way they grow. The veins, stems, and leaves are further briefed out with the help of certain activities. The photosynthesis process and its importance to the plant are explained. Flowers, stems, pistils, and stamen are segregated, and each of the sub-parts is briefly explained by pictures.

  • The necessity of plants for living organisms is explained at the beginning of the chapter.
  • Students are asked to observe their surroundings and make a note of the various plants they observe.
  • The differences between the plants which have been noticed are to be listed by the students.
  • A chart is presented in the chapter to differentiate varieties of plants.
  • Pictures help in identifying and remembering various plants and their parts.
  • Each flower has its parts, which are illustrated with the help of pictures, and the sub-parts have been marked neatly.
  • The three major categories of plants have been mentioned- which are herbs, shrubs, and trees.
  • Various plants that grow on land are called "Creepers," and those like grape plants that grow to climb taking the help of something, are called "Climbers."
  • The leaves and their related activities that include photosynthesis have been mentioned.
  • The chapter ends by briefly stating the flowers and their parts.


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