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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 2: On The Trail of the Earliest People

The second chapter in the History section of class 6 th - "On the trail of the earliest people", is based on the archaeologists' studies to explore how our ancestors lived. The chapter explores the various ages of ancient history. The questions like how the early man lived?, What did they eat? When did the rearing of animals start? And a few others like these have been answered in the chapter. The chapter deals with the use of tools and the probability of the use of fire. The chapter also explores the change in temperature of the earth, leading to the development of settlements. The chapter emphasises these aspects:

  • Palaeolithic Era: The era deals with a time 2 million years to 12,000 years ago and is further subdivided into upper, middle and lower palaeolithic age.
  • Mesolithic Era: This Era spans about 2000 years till 10,000 years ago, and the start of the use of stone tools characterises it. The tools of this period are known as monoliths.
  • Neolithic Era: This age was a new age about 10,000 years ago, and the use of stone tools was prominent during this era.
  • Hunting and Gathering: The chapter also teaches about our ancestors being hunters and gatherers who lived off the life already on the land. They used to hunt animals and gather berries and wild fruits, which served as food for them.
  • Paintings: The chapter also explores the painting found in the caves.
  • Climate change: The chapter tells the students about how the herding of the animals started. The climate changed, and the temperature rose slightly, which led to widespread grasslands. The abundance of the animals led the early man to try and start herding the animals depending upon their usability.


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