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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 9: The Living Organisms Characteristics and Habitats

In this Chapter, Paheli and Boojho are on a visit to River Ganga situated in Rishikesh from where they go to Puri and visit the Sea beach. While they were on the trip, the chapter outlines the kinds of living organisms they found in their natural habitats or around them. Camels in the desert, the tiny spider in the cupboard, crabs on the beach, and fish in the sea. Further, the chapter segregates the animals based on their habitats, such as land, water, mountains, deserts, etc.
To make the concepts clear, the journey through the desert has been made to list out plants and other organisms that reside in that habitat. Characteristics of living organisms- the food they eat, their growth, and their respiration process have been briefed out. The chapter ends with the excretion and reproduction process of living organisms.

  • The chapter explains the concepts relating to the spread of living organisms around the habitats.
  • Animals like Camels have certain features that help them survive in the habitat, such as the water storage capability of a camel that lets it live in the desert without drinking water for a long time.
  • To show how new life grows, students are asked to complete an activity that involves planting a few seeds either in water or soaked seeds in a cloth.
  • The science behind the survival of desert plants without much water is shown through diagrams.
  • Mountain and hilly areas make it difficult for plants to stand firmly on the soil, which is why the trees and plants have thorns in them to sustain the harsh weather conditions, and they also have deep roots.
  • The chapter ends by describing in detail the characteristics of different animals and their life processes.


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