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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Math Chapter 9: Data Handling

Data is a collection of random numbers gathered to give some information. In this chapter, students have been introduced to the concept of arranging data in a manner so as to gather detailed information in a seamless manner. To get precise information from the given data quickly, the data can be arranged in a tabular form using tally marks. There are various ways to gather and represent data. Two of such methods have been discussed in the chapter of Data Handling of class 6, and they are Pictograph and Bar Graph. A pictograph represents data of any object employing pictures of that object.It helps answer the questions on the data at a glance. Bars of uniform width can be drawn horizontally or vertically with equal spacing between them, and then the length of each bar represents the given number. Such a method of representing data is called a bar diagram or a bar graph. Observing such data and practising such questions will help students develop their cognitive skills and become more aware of the volume of data and things that surround them, their relevance and how one can maintain an account of them. The following are the new terms associated with the chapter of Data Handling:

  • Recording Data
  • Organisation of Data
  • Pictograph.
  • Interpretation of a Pictograph
  • Bar Graph Interpretation of a bar graph


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