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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 6: Changes around us

The chapter talks about changes which we can often notice in our day-to-day lives. To explain it further, the chapter discusses the changes with suitable examples. The changes in the crops, flowers that bloom, and even our nails and hair grow. Later, the changes which can be reversed and not reversed are stated. Heating and cooling methods are used to change the shape of metals. Certain metals are mixed to produce new metals.

  • The chapter begins by asking students to observe the surroundings and to notice the changes.
  • The flower that blooms, the production of crops in fields, nails, and hair that grow on our body are few of the changes stated.
  • Activities that are simple to perform and easy to understand, along with the concepts have been done.
  • Illustrations such as tables have been used to list out everyday things that can be reversed and not reversed.
  • The changes after boiling the egg, making idli with batter, and freezing liquid ice cream are a few of the changes mentioned in the table.
  • The chapter further explains how melting is essential to change the form of metals to give them shape.
  • Uses of freezing and using cooling to change the shape of metal is also another process of change.
  • Curd is made by mixing warm milk and a little amount of curd.
  • Various simple examples have been used to make the students understand the concept of change.




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