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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 8 Comparing Quantities- Download Free PDF

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 8: This chapter explains the comparison between the rise and decrease of percentages, market value, sales value, rebate, and so forth. Students will find out about Simple Interest, Compound Interest determined half-yearly, quarterly, monthly or yearly, and considerably more topics. 

Class 8 Maths Chapter 8 Comparing Quantities Important Topics

Fractions and Ratios
A fraction is represented by a part of a whole consisting of numerators and denominators, and also it is the division of two same quantities.

Finding an Increase or Decrease Percentage in Situations
Finding a new number when there is a percentage increase is calculated as follows: New number = original number + (increase in percentage × number)

Finding SP without Finding Discount Percentage
A reduction in the market price is known as a discount. If the discount is given in numeric values, it is calculated by Discount = Marked price – Sale price.

Estimation of Amounts
Estimation of amounts is considered when there is a discount or hike on the marked price.

Sales Tax / VAT.
Sales tax or Value-Added Tax (VAT) is the tax paid to the government on the transaction of a certain item, and it is added to the bill amount. Sales tax or VAT = Tax % of the Selling price Billing Amount = Selling price + VAT.

Simple Interest, commonly known as SI, is the extra amount taken on a loan, where the principal quantity will be fixed for a particular period of time.

Calculating CI
Compound Interest, commonly known as CI, is calculated on the principal and the interest for the previous period.

Application of Formula of CI
1. Calculating the growth rate of population (increase or decrease).
2. 2. Calculating the change in the price of an item (increase or decrease).
Class 8 Maths Chapter 8 Comparing Quantities Video

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 8: Comparing Quantities Questions and Answers PDF


FAQs for NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Maths 

Q. How are the NCERT solutions for Class 8th crucial?

A. NCERT solutions provide topic-wise solutions of the chapters, that help the students to prepare for their exams and understand each topic nicely. The basic concepts are cleared by providing step-by-step methods. Mathematics of class 8 is fundamental and challenging, so it is essential to have a solution handy. Aakash even provides some new methods and techniques to solve the problems which make the studies easier. 

QHow do I find the Aakash NCERT solutions?

A. You can find NCERT Solutions on the Aakash website. The solutions are arranged in chapter-wise and topic-wise order. They can be found in a pdf format.

QHow to score good marks in the internal assessments of Mathematics in the 8th grade?

A. The best way to score marks in Mathematics would be to practise. Just going through the solutions for the NCERT PDF provided by Aakash won’t help you to the same level. However, if you practise the questions using the Aakash NCERT solutions, then it will help you drastically to score excellent marks in the internal assessments for class 8th Mathematics.

Q. Where and how can a student download the free PDF latest NCERT solutions for class 8 for all subjects?

A. For the ease of students, we at Aakash have provided a PDF file for NCERT Solutions of all subjects, all topics for all classes. The detailed solutions are prepared by our senior and experienced faculty which give students an in-depth understanding of the concepts rather than the particular question.

Q. Why Choose Aakash for Class 8 NCERT Solutions?

A. The solutions provided by us are prepared by IITians and well-trained faculty members. Thus, they are reliable, precise and give the best techniques to solve any problem. We also include some tips to enable students to solve problems with speed and accuracy.

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