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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 7:Evans Tries an O-level


Evans Tries an O-level is a short story by Colin Dexter that won the Macavity Award for the best short story. The author here portrays the story of a shrewd prisoner Evans who tries to escape from the prison on the day of his O-level exam of the German language. In the past, Evans managed to escape from the prison thrice. He was kept in a solitary cell to keep an eye on him. He was a kleptomaniac by birth; therefore, for him, stealing was not a crime.

The cell authorities tried their best to keep him from escaping at the current juncture. However, Evans tricked everyone and escaped from prison for the fourth time. This cunning act of the prisoner left everyone baffled. They were shocked at their disability, but at the same time, they marvelled at his ingenuity.

Does this story question the legal bodies to what extent is kleptomania a crime? Is Evans a criminal or a patient? His moral self is not much developed. He does not know that theft is socially wrong. He needs proper counselling to adapt to the customs of society. The narrative delves deep into Evans's psyche, and the reader gets to know about his mind's condition. The text rightfully advocates the concept of education for all as well. It is a unique text that students need to understand to enable themselves to think from different perspectives.



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