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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Prose Chapter 6:Poets and Pancakes

This chapter has been extracted from the book named "My Years with Boss", which is the autobiography of Sahitya Akademi winner Asokamitran. He worked in the famous Gemini Studios, where his job was to collect paper cuttings of the various film personalities and their interviews. In this chapter, Asokamitran describes the painstaking process of makeup. He also names an actress who used tons of pan-cake for makeup. Asokamitran presents the makeup industry as a make-believe world where many actors' natural beauty is lost, and they become ugly looking creatures.

He reveals the plight of millions of aspiring actors who join the film industry but cannot make a mark of their own. The extract provides the readers with a glimpse into the world of independent cinema that takes a toll on individuals in the long run. There is a political aspect in the text where Asokamitran shares a few brief encounters that led to the rise of communism in the Tamil Film industry. The chapter also reveals how a lawyer finished an actress' career.

The text reveals the bitter truths and secrets of the film industry. The author gives an insight into the world of cinema where people who do not like each other's company have to work with them. They cannot back out of the project because they have committed. They wear fake smiles and act like matured professionals for the sake of cinema. There is a fine line between the reel life and real life; Asokamitran just pinpoints that in his book.


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