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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Poetry Chapter 3: Keeping Quiet

Keeping Quiet is a poem written by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. It was originally written in Spanish and later translated to English. The peace poem deals with the themes of mindfulness, introspection, and retrospection necessary for bringing harmony in a person's life. The poet appeals to his readers to keep quiet for a while and observe the music of silence. Inactivity is necessary to live the moment.

The poet does not like the sound of words; he feels that language creates barriers to limit oneself from imagining something that cannot be described in words. When everything stands still, fishers will not harm the whales, nature will not be harmed anymore, wars will be stopped, and everyone can start to live peacefully. The poet does not advocate total inactivity; however, he supports the notion of doing jobs responsibly while thinking about the consequences first.

Nowadays, people think less and act more. They do not realise the repercussions of their ignorant acts. Tranquillity is an asset that makes our minds clear and let us know the purpose of life. Neruda speaks of a life, which is a celebration in itself. Towards the end of the poem, the poet rekindles the fire that does not burn rather enlightens our soul.

This poem is written in free verse. The life of a human being is compared to the four seasons in a year. Just as the colourful spring season arrives after the cold, lifeless winter, human beings can also make their lives meaningful by modifying their lifestyle and being compassionate to others.


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