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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 4:The Enemy

The Enemy is a short story written by the famous author and Nobel prize winner Pearl S. Buck. The story revolves around the lives of a doctor and a prisoner of World War 2. This is an important text that vividly describes the sufferings and devastations of the lives of people during that time. A prisoner of war belonging to the American Navy is found in a dying state at the doorstep of a Japanese doctor named Dr Sadao Hoki. The doctor cannot decide whether he should hand him over to the army or save the heavily wounded man.

The ever-rising tension between Japan and America plays the role of antagonist here. The doctor is professionally and ethically bound to save the dying man, but his patriotism will be questioned if he saves his life. The doctor is mentally torn apart. Ultimately humanity prevails over the politically conscious individual, and the doctor shelters the dying man inside his house and hides him as well. After regaining consciousness, the American expresses his gratitude to the doctor for giving him a new life. After the prisoner's condition gets better, the doctor realizes that he is cheating his nation and informs the army of the man's location. He even opens doors for the army men to come and kill the man. During this time, the doctor's psychological suffering is portrayed in the story. He feels guilty both ways. Not being able to live with the guilt, he helps the enemy escape.


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