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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 6:On the Face of It

Neet Mock Test 2022

On the face of It is an inspiring story by Susan Hill. It deals with two main characters. The first character is a teenage boy named Derry, who has a burnt face. The next character that the readers are introduced to is that of Mr. Lamb, who is shown as a disabled old man and walks with the help of an artificial leg made of tin.

The story starts with Derry entering Mr Lamb's garden to hide from the people who hate him for having an ugly face. He is extremely scared of others because they make fun of him and tease him. Others frequently rag him. He is afraid to go out because he is not accepted as a part of society. He shares his feelings with Mr Lamb, welcomes the boy to his garden and tries to console him. He asks him to look at the positive sides of life. He makes the boy find the true meaning of life and value it. Derry eventually learns how to overcome his fears and overpower his apparent weakness. He learns the value of willpower from Mr Lamb, who has been walking with an artificial leg.

In a sudden turn of events, Mr Lamb dies. Derry mourns at the unnatural death of the person who inspired him to live freely. The story is a great example of appreciation of real beauty that cannot be seen from outside but can be felt with the right behaviour. The students learn how to value a person's inner beauty and not judge anyone at face value.


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