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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Poetry Chapter 1: My mother at sixty-six

Neet Mock Test 2022

My mother, at sixty-six, is a confessional poem by one of India's first female poets Kamala Das. In this poem, the poet talks about her relationship with her mother. The poet spends the last few moments with her mother before returning to Cochin. She is feeling sad because she is leaving back her mother alone. She describes her "Amma" as sleepy, and her face has become pale like a corpse because of tiredness. The writer is pained at her condition but quickly deviates from the thought to bring no sign of dimness on her face.

She looks around and finds trees sprinting and children happily coming out of their homes. This signifies that the poet likes to think positive and is willing to look at the brighter sides of life at this hour of departure. As she heads towards the security check, she turns around and looks at her mother. Her mother's face appears like a winter's moon, colourless and approaching death. The fear of losing her mother resembles the same fear she had during her childhood. However, the poet mustered courage and kept a smile on her face to say the final goodbye, hoping to see her mother soon.

This poem is a touching tale of a daughter who is concerned for her ageing mother. The poem is a vivid take on human emotions dealt with intricately. The poet uses simple language to describe her inner complexities while leaving her mother behind.


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