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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Poem Chapter 6:Aunt Jennifer's Tigers

Aunt Jennifer's Tigers is a feminist poem composed by Adrienne Rich. This poem is a real picture of the violence, and tortures women still face in their respective families. Previously women were limited to the roles of home-makers. They were expected to look after their family, husband, children, etc.; their primary role was that of a caregiver. They were not allowed to go outside or do a job of their choice. The poet presents Aunt Jennifer as a female stereotype in a patriarchal society. She has a desire of freeing herself from the shackles of the abusive marriage that she has been a part of.

Aunt Jennifer is seen embroidering a motif on wool. The design is of a tigress that moves fearlessly in her forest. Aunt Jennifer wants the tigress in her to come out and take charge of herself. On the other hand, her personal life is a tragedy. She is forced to follow her husband's orders. She has been subjugated by him all her life. Her hands tremble as she weaves the wool, thus, signifying to what extent she is traumatised even at the thought of her dominating and abusive life partner.

The wedding ring she wears is compared to the relationship she is trapped in. The writer portrays death as the only path towards freedom. Death is presented as a calm and soothing experience that will give Aunt Jennifer the much-needed respite.


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