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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Prose Chapter 8:Going Places

Going Places is a short story authored by A. R. Barton. The story deals with the themes of adolescence, infatuation and hero worship. The protagonist Sophie belongs to a poor working-class family, and she is destined to work in a biscuit factory. Sophie is always daydreaming about something nearly impossible in her life. She dreams big. She sees herself as a rich and famous woman leading a worldly life in future. She is a huge fan of Danny Casey, the famous footballer. She imagines herself meeting him.

Sophie's world is filled with fantasies. She lied to her elder brother that she met Danny Casey and that they went on a date. Her dreams are broken when her secret is out, and Danny does not show up. She is heartbroken and angry at the same time. She does not like to live in the real world; that is why she lies about herself. She is not practical. She is a perfect example of teenagers who face harsh consequences when they start living in a false world. She cannot accept her standard of living; that is why she needs to gain her family's attention. In a family where football is worshipped, meeting a football star is a big deal.

However, Sophie's dreams are shattered, but she does not end her world of fantasy. She dreams of being a rich actress after a momentary setback. This story is an example of how the real world cannot be changed drastically; Sophie does not realise her limitations; therefore, she chooses to live in her world of fantasies.


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