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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Poem Chapter 5:A Roadside Stand

Robert Frost is the poet of A Roadside Stand. He was a famous poet in American Literature, well known for his simple language and deep messages. This poem showcases and criticises the unequal society during his times. The poet was appalled by seeing the ever-rising difference between the rich and the poor. He has pictured the plight of the underprivileged and the discrimination they have to face time and again. The poverty-stricken people need money for leading a prosperous life.

The poem depicts the story of a poor farmer struggling to make his ends meet. He is well aware of his financial condition but does not compromise his integrity. He refuses to beg for money. He decides to sell berries, but no one looks at his stall. The bleak picture of poor people is well reflected through the older man's sorrow.

This poem draws a parallel between the city and country life. The city-bred people do not accept the rural people as a part of the society they live in. The poet deeply emphasises the grief of the people and wants to end it. The poet feels helpless as he cannot change the scenario all by himself. He is ridiculed for the selfishness and stoneheartedness of the rich and powerful people of the society. The poem presents a grave and sordid imagery of the times we live in. there are many themes included in the poem, like penury, class-difference, social discrimination, arrogance, etc.


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