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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 3:Journey to the end of the Earth

The Journey to the end of the Earth is a travelogue written by Tishani Doshi. In this narrative, the writer shares her experiences of travelling to Antarctica and the various challenges she had to face to reach her goal. As a part of the "Students on Ice" programme by Geoff Green, she was one of the students who was given this extraordinary opportunity to observe mother nature from such vicinity and her various physiographic divisions. The narrator gives an account of her journey and how it has changed her perception of nature.

This non-fiction work enlightens students on the grave topic of climate change and its effect on our planet. The author also highlights how teenagers are warriors who can save the planet. Issues like the melting of ice due to global warming and biodiversity loss are also the topics discussed in this chapter. The writer stresses the importance of phytoplankton for the marine ecosystem. Alongside she mentions the harmful effect of Ozone Layer Depletion on the same. Human beings need to be cautious about their activity, or everything will get extinct soon.

Travelling makes people humble and inspires others to value nature. This rich text describes the author's experience travelling to the continent that took 100 hours to reach. She spent 2 weeks there and found out many issues related to environmental education. The text also discusses how minute things can have massive effects on the planet. It is an eye-opening experience for the writer.


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