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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 5:Should Wizard hit Mommy

Neet Mock Test 2022

This short story is authored by the renowned literary critic John Hoyer Updike. The story revolves around a father named Jack and his little daughter Jo. Jack is supposed to tell new stories to Jo every evening. Jo has been listening to stories from her father for the past two years.

Jo listened to the stories carefully and was deeply intrigued by them. She empathized with the characters and, many a time, felt she lived in the fantasy world created by her father. The inquisitive daughter always had some questions for the father. On the other hand, Joe was not able to give answers to all her intelligent questions. Whenever Jack said something wrong, his daughter used to correct him.

Jack causes a ruckus in the fantasy world of Jo when the ending of a particular story does not convince Jo. Jo asks Jack to retell the story with a different kind of ending. This makes Jack offended. He tries hard to convince his daughter of his point of view, but Jo does not agree.

The text makes the reader retrospect on certain things which are often overlooked in real lives. Many parents tell stories to their children without thinking of the consequences; they do not observe that story's effect on their child. Children believe every word to be true. Every story is registered in their tiny minds. The moral issue of imposition of parents' will on children is another topic to deal with. This text is left open for the readers, and they have the liberty to end the story as per their wish.


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