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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Prose Chapter 7:The Interview

The Interview by Christopher Silvester is an excerpt taken from a book on interviews published by Penguin Press. Here, the journalist shares his experiences of interviewing various celebrities. He also describes how celebrities deal with interviews, their opinions on interviews, etc. The author says that many people love the idea of interviews, whereas some people detest them. People who like to interact with their audience want to be heard, which is why they participate in press conferences.

The text mentions Umberto Eco's interview, who was a literary critic, theorist, novelist and had many other roles to play in the literary world. On the success of his novel "The Name of the Rose", he was asked how he managed to do so many different things, to which he responded that he was doing the same thing. According to Eco, people have voids inside them which make them vulnerable. They try to fill that void by creating something beautiful. He could not have attained so much appreciation by being a scholar alone. He needed to present the theories he had been advocated for so long through the help of fiction. Thus, enabling the audience to relate and agree with the theme.

Towards the end of the text, the reader comes to know about the author's thoughts regarding the interviewing process. He says that interviews are the most reliable sources of information. The interview process showcases the thought process and the intention of any artist behind the creation of art. It reduces the scope of misunderstandings and misinterpretation.


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