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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Poem Chapter 4:A Thing of Beauty

Neet Mock Test 2022

A Thing of Beauty is the first line of the poem titled "Endymion", written by the timeless romantic poet John Keats. The extracted poem's main theme is prominent in the first line, which says, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". The poet wants to emphasise the permanence of beauty and how we shall find beauty in the ordinary.

Endymion was a Greek mythological character who fell asleep on Mount Latmos and entranced the moon Cynthia goddess. Hellenic features inspired Keats in art. He used this simple mythological tale in his long poem. According to the poet, beauty never ceases to exist in our heart. Its profoundness increases with time. The true essence of beauty can demolish all the miseries of life. It can refresh and purify our souls and release us of all the sufferings. A beautiful creation can remove all the blemishes from our spirits.

For Keats, nature is the ultimate form of real, unfiltered beauty. Natural elements like the sun, the moon, the trees, daffodils, streams and forests make our lives beautiful. We are dependent on them for our happiness and peace. Natural beauty is like the endless fountain that pours the immortal drink from paradise into our hearts and. In other words, we should always try to preserve and appreciate beauty because it is a gift of God to mankind.

This poem is filled with figures of speech like metaphors and alliteration. The text is a long narrative encompassing many themes like transience and permanence, the notion of beauty, etc.


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