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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Prose Chapter 3:Deep Water

This story has been extracted from William Orville Douglas' autobiography named "Of Men and Mountains". The author in this extract mentions that he had hydrophobia, i.e., the fear of water and how he overcame that fear. This is a motivational story that children need to learn for their character development. This is an excellent example of the importance of willpower and determination.

William tried several times to learn swimming but failed to do so because he was terrorised at the sight of water. He had a dreadful experience quite early in his life while swimming when a boy pushed him into the pool. This made it even harder for him to face the water. However, he never gave up. After many years of the shocking incident, he hired an instructor and took swimming lessons from him. He was able to swim after many failures. His indomitable spirit made him overcome his fear. He swam carefreely, even in huge lakes, after completing his training.

The reader can instil confidence within him after reading this story. This autobiography is a great source of inspiration for children because it teaches them to face their fears, challenge themselves to push their boundaries and never stop believing in themselves. Courage is an important asset in the lives of individuals. The text helps the readers stay positive even in the most difficult of situations.


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