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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 9 - Bholi

The NCERT English footprints without feet chapter 9 bholi is the story of the protagonist- Bholi, who is the youngest daughter of Numberdar Ramlal, a prosperous man who had seven children. Ramlal had three sons and four daughters. It was a traditional village which was stuck in the age-old custom of educating only their male children, and where the female ones are only deemed fit to get married. Bholi was a smallpox victim and had black marks all over her body.

One day the primary school for girls was opened in their village. Ramlal was invited as an official representative of the village by the tahsildar, and was requested to send his daughters to the school. His wife disagreed and questioned who would marry an educated girl? Finally, they decided to send Bholi to school. For the first time in her life, Bholi was given new clothes and was dressed neatly.

Bholi never thought that going to school would change her life. The teacher was kind towards Bholi and encouraged her by giving her a book full of pictures and asked her to come to school regularly to speak without stammering like all others.

Years passed, and Ramlal had arranged a marriage for Bholi to a rich old man in the next village. They concealed from him that Bholi has black marks, and finally, when he came to know the truth, the bridegroom demanded five thousand rupees to marry her. Ramlal gave the money he demanded, but to everyone’s surprise, Bholi stopped the marriage, stating that she cannot marry an old coward. All the people criticized her, but they were also shocked because Bholi had spoken in a clear voice without stammering. Finally, Bholi said to her father and mother that she had decided to look after them and that she would also like to be a teacher in the primary school. The lady teacher was the light in Bholi’ s life by bringing her a bright future through love and education.


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