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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 5

Indeed a fascinating story by Herbert George Wells, Footprints without Feet, narrates the tale of a brilliant scientist Griffin who discovers a drug that makes whoever consumes it invisible, just like a sheet of glass. However wise he may be, he was an arrogant individual who held a grudge against his landlord and, to seek vengeance, set the landlord’s house on fire and wandered the streets without any food, money, or clothes.

On feeling cold while walking around naked, he entered a bid London shopping centre and slept on a pile of quills. When the showroom associates approached him the next morning, he ran away from there and decided to take the clothes from a nearby theatre company. Soon, he found an appropriate shop and wore bandages around his forehead, a false nose, dark glasses, big bushy side-whiskers, and a big hat. He decided to move to the Iping village to avoid too much attention.

Mrs Hall, the landlord's wife, in whose inn he had booked rooms was warm to him; however, he didn’t pay her any heed. When there were multiple thieves in the small village, the inn owner and his wife decided to check Griffin’s room and to their dismay saw flying furniture, which they speculated to be the work of spirits. When the town constable, Mr Jaffers, was contacted, he was annoyed and started unwrapping his bandages, whiskers, spectacles, and nose. Griffin escaped into thin air truly and became impossible to catch yet again.

The English footprints without feet chapter 5 showcases the human tendency to use innovative discoveries for whims and fancies, which end up creating problems for others around.



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