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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 2 - The Thief’s Story

NCERT English footprints without feet chapter 2 Thief's Story encircles around Hari and Anil. The author of the story is the very famous- Ruskin Bond. Hari and Anil met at a wrestling match when Hari was 15 years old, and Anil was a writer. Hari Singh- the protagonist of the story- was a thief, and Hari was just one of the unending list of names he made for himself to escape from the police and the people who formerly employed him. He persuaded Anil that he would work for him if he would feed him in return. Anil asked whether he could cook and agreed to take him after getting a positive response. Every day, Hari took out a profit of one rupee from the money Anil gave him to buy daily supplies. Anil used to teach him writing, how to add numbers and also cooking since Hari was a terrible cook.

One day, Hari saw Anil put a bundle of notes under his mattress. He considered it a golden opportunity and decided to steal the money at night while Anil was asleep. He sneaked into his room, stole the money and went to the station to escape. But, his conscience caused him to feel guilty and prevented him from boarding the train.

He remembered how Anil taught him to write his name and even taught him how to cook. He did not want to betray his only real friend he made in his life. He decided to head back home and put the money in its original place. Anil handed a fifty rupee note to Hari the next morning and told him that he would now pay him regularly because his work got published in the magazine. The note was still wet, and that was when Hari realized that Anil knew about him stealing the money the previous night. He couldn't say anything to him and just smiled while Anil started his next writing lesson.



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