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NCERT Solutions for Class 10th English Chapter 5- The Hundred Dresses – I

NCERT English Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses-I tells the story of a poor, innocent girl with a weird name, Wanda Petronski, who sat at a distance from the rest of the class and had no friends. The reason for that was her unironed and faded blue dress.

Maddie and Peggy, who were each other's best friends used to tease Wanda and make fun of her every single day. Peggy had attractive features because of which she was very popular in school. Wanda’s seat was in the corner of the class where the most undisciplined students sat. She was constantly bullied by the entire girl squad of the school.

One day, Peggy asked Wanda about the number of clothes she had, even after knowing that she doesn’t have any. But for the first time, Wanda replied saying that she had 100 dresses of every colour lined up in her closet. All the girls laughed out loud as they did not believe it. Wanda avoided them and passed on silently.

But Peggy’s questioning Wanda day after day was also affecting Maddie as she wasn't very rich herself. Maddie didn’t say anything but wished that they would stop asking Wanda about her dresses and hats.

The next day the winners of the drawing competition were to be announced. It was an important day for Peggy as she was good at drawing. While declaring the winner the teacher said that all the girls submitted one or two drawings, but there was one girl who submitted 100 drawings, all beautiful and unique and even one of her drawings is sufficient to make her win the competition.

The whole class was taken aback when the winner was announced. The winner was Wanda Petronski. Since Wanda was absent for days, the teacher allowed the class to admire her drawings. It was then that Peggy and Maddie saw the blue and green dresses that Wanda had told them about one day.



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