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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 6- The Hundred Dresses – II

The story of English Chapter 6: The Hundred Dresses- II continues from where it was left in chapter 5. After the winners of the drawing competition were announced, a letter came from Mr Jan Petronski- Wanda’s father. The teacher read it loudly to the class. It said that Wanda won’t be coming to school anymore because she had suffered enough bullying now, and that’s why they are shifting to another town. The whole class remained in shock, especially Maddie and Peggy.

After that letter, Maddie couldn’t concentrate on her studies as she was only thinking about Wanda. She felt an extreme sense of guilt as she could not rescue Wanda from all the bullying despite knowing how wrong all of it was. After school, both Maddie and Peggy went to Boggins Heights, the place where Wanda lived. Maddie was happy as she could get a chance to confess her mistake, but there was no one there. There was only an empty house filled with heavy silence to greet them. After thinking much about what Wanda went through, Maddie decides to raise her voice against bullying, even if it costs her her friendship with Peggy.

One afternoon, both Maddie and Peggy wrote a letter to Wanda telling her how amazing her drawings were, congratulated her, and asked her about her new home and teachers. Indirectly, they were sorry for what they did to her. They put a “Please Forward” note on it, hoping it would reach Wanda someday. Much time passed, but no reply came. Peggy forgot about the letter, but Maddie didn’t.

On Christmas, there arrived a letter from Wanda wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. She also gifted her drawings of the green and blue dress to Peggy and Maddie. When Maddie was looking at the dress, thinking of Wanda, she noticed that it looked exactly like herself. After this, she found that Peggy’s drawing also looked like Peggy. Upon realising this, they both were extremely happy and understood that Wanda always liked them and she made those drawings only for them.



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