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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 3- Two Stories about Flying

NCERT English chapter 3 Two Stories about Flying has two stories, as the title suggests, which describe two individual flying experiences. The author of the first story, "His First Flight", is Liam O’ Flaherty, and the author of the second story- "Black Aeroplanes."- is Frederick Forsyth.

In the first part, the reader learns about a young seagull that is afraid of flying. He harbours distrust against his wings, so in order to punish him and also motivate him to fly, his family leaves him alone. His family taunts him, scolds him and uses every other threat so as to enable him to take his first flight. But the young seagull is too afraid to do so.The seagull begs his family to bring him food. But all his pleas are met with a stern refusal, and he remains starving for a day. His mother finally brings him a piece of fish, but to get it, the seagull has to dive in. The seagull gathers enough courage and takes the giant leap. The next thing he knew, he was finally flying, and all his fear subsided in that moment.

The second story focuses on the experience of a pilot who is flying from Paris to London. While flying the plane, he dreams about enjoying a vacation with his family when he suddenly notices dark clouds, which were an indication of the upcoming storm. The pilot does not turn back and risks the life of everyone who was in the flight. Soon, it becomes dark, and he is unable to see the way ahead. Suddenly, he sees another pilot who guides him out. This pilot disappears soon after. After a successful landing, the pilot soon finds out that theirs was the only plane in the sky.



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