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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 8 - The Hack Driver

NCERT English Footprints Without Feet chapter 8 Hack Driver revolves around a young lawyer who is a university graduate and once worked as a junior assistant in a law firm. His duty was to go around the nook and corner of the city and give summons to people around. He disliked the monotonous city life. This time he had to go to New Mullion, a small village a few miles away from the city, to find Oliver Lutkins and deliver a sermon.

The Lawyer was very excited about the village, but he was disappointed in arriving there as the unpleasant site shattered his expectations. There, he found a hack driver named Bill who had a friendly smile, and he offered to help the Lawyer in finding Lutkins, stating that Lutkins cannot be easily found, but he knew all the places where one could find him. The Lawyer felt comfortable with the driver’s offer to help him. Then, they started their journey in the Mullion village. Finally, they tried to find Lutkins in his mother’s Farmhouse, but it was a failure.

At last, he returned to the city. The next morning, when the case was coming to court, they had to produce Lutkins as the victim. But he failed. The Chief ditched the Lawyer and sent him another Lawyer who worked with Lutkins for his assistance to trace him.

They arrived at New Mullion station, and the young Lawyer pointed Bill to the other Lawyer stating that he was a good human who helped him hunt Lutkins. To the Narrator’s surprise, the other Lawyer revealed that Bill was Oliver Lutkins. Everyone laughed at him, including Lutkins, and the young Lawyer felt ashamed for being so innocent. He realized that the entire village fooled him. Hence, proving that educated people are not always wise; they must be mature according to their age and profession.


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