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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 3 - The Midnight Visitor

English footprints without feet chapter 3 midnight visitor covers the story of Fowler, a young writer who followed Ausable- a secret agent- in hopes of getting mysterious stories that would inspire his works. However, Ausable looked nothing like what Fowler imagined an undercover agent to be. Ausable was very fat and too far from the image of secret agents Fowler had in mind.

Ausable told him that he was at the French hotel searching for a paper that was so important that it could change the course of history, and many men and women in the past had risked their lives for it. He took Fowler to his room on the upper floors of the luxurious hotel.

When Fowler entered Ausable’s room, he saw a man holding a small pistol in his hand. The man, perhaps Max, talked about some report concerning missiles and stated that he would steal it and escape. He believed that the report was safer in his hands. Ausable realised the danger and fabricated a story about another man sneaking into his room before, through a non-existent balcony. Max was glad to hear about the balcony since it would be an easy route for him to escape and complained about not knowing it earlier.

Soon after, a knocking was heard at the door. Max got scared and inquired who was at the door. Ausable lied, saying that it was the police to scare Max. Afraid of getting caught, Max ran in order to jump from the non-existent balcony to save himself but died instead, being fooled by Ausable’s cleverness and wit. Though his looks did not match his profession, Ausable proved that he was quite deserving to work as a secret agent.



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