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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 10 - Book that Saved the Earth

English Footprints Without Feet chapter 10 Book That Saved the Earth is written in the context of the twenty-fifth century where a Historian is sitting in an old History Museum and tells the story of the Martian Invasion. This play contains many imaginary characters from Mars, namely, the mighty Chief Think-Tank, Lieutenant Iota, and Sergeant Oop.

Think Tank, the Ruler of Mars, believes himself to be the most intelligent fellow because of his egg-shaped head. He wants to invade the planet Earth and conquer it. Thus he sends a crew to the Earth, and they land at the Centerville Public Library, which is full of books. The Martians were unaware of what schools and books are. They consulted it with their Chief Think-Tank, and he said that Earthlings were fond of eating, so it might be Sandwiches, and all the Martians agreed to him since he is the superior. The Think-Tank orders them to eat the book, but Captain Omega and Lieutenant Iota cleverly transfer the task to Sergeant Oop, and he eats the book saying that it is not so tasty. They conclude that it is not a food item.

Then Think-Tank asked them to use the special Vitamin tablets to increase their intelligence and decode the words written in the book (The Mother Goose). It was a book of rhymes, but they took it so seriously and started thinking that Earthlings have lots of power, so they decided to invade Earth immediately. Then they read another rhyme, ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and the image in that rhyme resembles Think-Tank, and he was alarmed, stating that Earthlings had found them and they would capture them anytime.

So, they decided to move to Alpha Centauri, a hundred million miles away and asked the Martians to run away from the planet without any evidence. Thus, the Historian concludes by saying that an old Rhyme book saved the Earth from Martian Invasion. This was a comical play written to emphasize the importance of books that have the power to achieve anything.


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