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NCERT Solutions for Class 10th English Chapter 1- A Letter to God

This story is about Lencho, a dedicated farmer and how he places trust in God to help him out of his misery. Lencho had hoped for a good harvest, but a hail storm destroyed his crops. He was devastated, but he firmly believed that God would help him. He knew how to write, so he wrote a letter to God, asking him to send 100 pesos and posted the letter.

The postman noticed the letter and pulled it out of the mailbox. Upon seeing whom it was addressed to, he started laughing loudly. He ran to the postmaster to show him the strange letter. As the postmaster read the contents of the letter, he became very serious. He decided to help Lencho financially by asking for donations from the post office employees. The postmaster himself decided to put a part of his salary into helping Lencho.

However, they could only raise 70 pesos and decide to put it in an envelope and sign it off in the name of God. The following Sunday, Lencho visited the post office and asked if there was any letter for him. The postmaster handed him the letter. Lencho did not get surprised seeing the money but got dismayed upon counting it. He was sure that God could not make a mistake, so he took paper and ink, wrote another letter to God, and put it in the mailbox.

After Lencho left, the postmaster and employees read the letter. In it, Lencho complained to God that he only received 70 pesos. He also asked God to send him the rest of the money this time. Then he asked God not to send money through the mail as he thought the post office employees were a group of scammers.

Through this English Chapter 1 A letter to God, we learn how faith can be a moving force in our lives, but extreme greed and ungratefulness can act as boulders in our path towards kindness.



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