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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 4- From the Diary of Anne Frank

NCERT English chapter 4 Diary of Anne Frank, revolves around the story of a 13-year old Jewish girl, Anne Frank, who had no true friends with whom she could share details about her daily life. So, she decided to tell everything to her only friend Kitty, which was her diary. She used to write normal everyday events that happened in her day.

The story starts in the backdrop of World War II where Anne and her family remained hidden for two years in her father’s office building. The famous diary was gifted to Anne by her father on her 13th birthday. She thinks that paper has more patience than people. She was very attached to her nursery school and her grandmother.

She illustrates the view of her class on 20 June 1942, the day of the results. Everyone was just panicking and betting against each other. Anne was scared of nothing but one subject- mathematics. Mr Keesing, her math teacher, was displeased by her talkative nature. After giving enough cautionary pieces of advice, he told her to write an essay on “Chatterbox” , which confused Anne as she did not know what to write. So she wrote some statements in her favour and Mr Keesing is satisfied upon reading it. But when she didn’t get over her habit, she got punished again and had to write on “An Incorrigible Chatterbox” . She handed it in this time also.

The story showcased the struggles of a Jewish teenage girl during the holocaust. Her diary remains a telling predicament of the unfortunate times that Jews had to go through at the time of the Second world war.


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