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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 4 - A Question of Trust

The plot of English Footprints Without Feet chapter 4 A Question of Trust, covers the story of Horace Danby, who was an honest, 50 years old, unmarried citizen in the eyes of everyone he knew. However, no one knew that he robbed a safe every year and stole enough that would last him for a year and help him fulfil his wish of possessing rare and expensive books.

His current plan was to rob the Shotover Grange because of a safe that had jewels worth fifteen thousand pounds. He got his tools ready and went into the house when he saw the housekeeper leave. He saw a dog in the room, supposedly named Sherry but did not get afraid and went to the safe to open it. Horace usually suffered from hay fever during summers, and a bowl of flowers made his nose tickle making his work harder.

He suddenly heard a noise from the doorway and found a charming lady standing there with the dog. He asked her to let him go and forget about everything she saw. The lady declined. Horace tried threatening her, but she didn't move an inch. She made a deal with Horace and asked him to open the safe since she had forgotten the password and wanted to get her jewels for a party that night. Horace agreed and opened the safe for her without his gloves on. He went back home only to be arrested two days later as his fingerprints were found on the safe. After being arrested, Horace was appointed as the assistant librarian in prison. He often thought about the lady and how she tricked him and got him caught.


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