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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 11- The Proposal

NCERT English chapter 11 The proposal is a comedy-drama that showcases the shared nature of wealthy families and how they look for material ties to acquire wealth. However, the chapter showcases the quarrelsome attitude of the play's characters. The play begins with Lomov, a wealthy thirty-five-year-old gentleman and becomes upset easily, visiting Stephan Chubukov, his wealthy neighbour.

Dressed elegantly, he wishes to ask Stephan Chubukov's daughter, Natalya Stepanovna's hand in marriage. Lomov has thought of Natalya as an excellent housekeeper, a well-educated and average-looking woman who would be an ideal partner to marry. Chubukov had his doubts when Lomov had come to borrow money as he was in his evening dress, and he was not genuine when he claimed that he was like his own son as he had already decided not to lend him any money, assuming he had come to borrow some. However, when Lomov asked for his daughter's hand in marriage, he called out to Natalya.

When Natalya arrived, Lomov began the conversation about how both the families share an affable relationship. Initially, they got into an argument regarding Oxen Meadows- a disputed property, with Natalya stating the property belonged to her family and Lomov yelling back disagreeing with it. This resulted in a sudden palpitation attack causing numbness on his feet. Insulted by Chubukov's words, Lomov rushed out when Chubukov accidentally mentioned to Natalya about Lomov's marriage proposal. Natalya is genuinely in love as she cries and asks to bring back Lomov when she realizes this.

When the young man returns, they strike up another heated argument on whose dog was better. Natalya firmly believed that her dog, Squeezer was better than Lomov's dog, Guess, to which he didn't agree, which resulted in another palpitation episode. Chubukov then put Natalya's hand over his hand and offered him some water, and they decided to get married. However, their quarrel persisted, and the curtain went down as the verbal fight continued among the characters.



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