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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 8 - Cells: The Unit of Life

We all reside in a world where non-living things coexist. And, since we are human beings and have the power to speak and understand and make others understand, we always ask ourselves - "what makes a living organism, living? The answer to all such questions is the presence of the basic unit of life in living organisms, i.e. the Cells. All types of living organisms are made from cells, which is present inside their body. Some living creatures consist of just a single cell who are termed unicellular organisms.

While others who are made up of many cells are known as multicellular organisms. So, the "Cells - The Unit of Life" chapter in NCERT Solutions for class 11 Biology is everything about Cells. The sub-topics covered under Cells are as follows:

  • Meaning of a cell
  • What is Cell Theory?
  • A summary of cells
  • Prokaryotic cells
  • Eukaryotic cells

A cell is defined as the functional and structural unit of a living organism, and this chapter discusses every detail about cells, like the meaning & types of cells, composition of cells, functions of cells, etc. Earlier, we have learned that entities possessing a single cell are called unicellular entities, and those composed of multiple cells are termed multicellular organisms. In this chapter, two broad groups of cell classification have been shown, which are eukaryotes and prokaryotes. A cell comprises various components, a few of which are absent in plants, while few are missing in animal cells.



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Key Features of the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 8 : Cells - The Unit of Life

  • The NCERT Solutions PDF file made by Aakash has used many techniques and methodologies instead of long explanations, which will help the students write answers efficiently.
  • The solutions file is an easy-to-read study material where all the relevant information has been included in an incisive manner to promote logical and mental learning.
  • All the fundamentals related to cells have been explicitly shown in these solutions through diagrams and pictorial representations.

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