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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 12 - Mineral Nutrition

The focus of chapter 12 'Mineral Nutrition' is on the concept of inorganic plant nutrition, in which the methods that are used to trace the elements required for the growth and development of plants will be studied along with the criteria or conditions that prove the essentiality or necessity of those elements for plants. Students will also gain knowledge of the role these essential elements play in the plants' growth, the mechanism through which these elements are absorbed, and what are their serious deficiency signs.

The students will also be given a gist about the mechanism and importance of biological nitrogen fixation. Now, it's time to get a brief look at the topics covered in this chapter.

  • Modus Operandi to study the demand for minerals by Plants
  • What are the vital mineral elements?
  • The process of absorption of elements
  • Translocation of Solutes
  • Soil, considered as a warehouse of essential elements
  • Nitrogen Metabolism

All living entities have the same necessities, for example, macromolecules, like proteins, starches, water, fats, and minerals to advance and develop themselves. Therefore, this chapter focuses on the inorganic nutrients that organisms require to grow. Overall, the topics mentioned above talk about the techniques required to identify the constituents that are primary to the advancement and development of plants and find the rules necessary to build up the vitality. The nutrients that are demanded in large quantities are called macronutrients, and those needed in lesser quantities are referred to as micronutrients.

In this chapter, students will examine the functions the fundamental constituents play, a serious lack of indications,i.e. deficiency symptoms in them, and the retention capacity of these basic components. Additionally, students will get acquainted with the system of organic nitrogen fixation through the topics stated above.



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