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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 2 - Biological Classification

Chapter number 2 "Biological Classification" of class 11 Biology subject throws light on the features of Kingdom Monera, Fungi, and Protista as given by the Whittaker System of Classification. The plant and animal kingdoms, which are technically known as Kingdoms Plantae and Animalia, respectively are introduced briefly in this chapter. Apart from the five Kingdoms mentioned above, Biological Classification also talks about the Kingdoms Viroids, Lichens, and Viruses. Following are the sub-topics that are a part of this chapter.

The minute differences in the morphological characteristics that originally led to animal and plant species classification were minute. The criteria based on which the five-kingdom classification was designed were cell structure, body organization, reproduction, mode of nutrition, and phylogenetic relationships. The entities classified in the five-kingdoms displays tremendous metabolic diversity.

  • Kingdom Monera

Kingdom Monera includes bacteria as well, even though bacterias are cosmopolitan in distribution.

  • Kingdom Protista

Organisms classified under Kingdom Protista are single-celled eukaryotes

  • Kingdom Fungi

The species included under Kingdom Fungi reveal substantial diversity in their structure and habitat.

  • Kingdom Plantae

Entities that consist of eukaryotic chlorophyll property come under the Kingdom Plantae.

  • Kingdom Animalia

All the multicellular, and heterotrophic eukaryotic entities, in which there is a dearth of a cell wall are a part of the Kingdom Animalia.

  • Viroids, Viruses, Lichens, and Prions

Viruses are infectious agents who either have a single-stranded RNA or double-stranded RNA surrounded with a protein coat. Whereas, viroids are also infectious agents, but short ones have a single-stranded RNA with no protein coat.



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