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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 21 - Neural Control and Coordination

The process that assists in the interaction of two or more organs and through which complements each other's functions is called Coordination. It is the endocrine system and the neural system that jointly coordinate and integrate every activity of the organs inside the human body so that the organs keep working without any abnormalities. Thus, by now, students must have gotten the notion about the topics discussed in this chapter. Yes, it is the 'Neural Control and Coordination' that will be preached here.

Some of the topics discussed are the neural system of humans and neural coordination mechanisms, such as transfer of nerve impulse, physiology of reflex action, and impulse conduction beyond a synapse. Read the below explanations to understand better about the topics.

  • An overview of Neural System
  • Neural System in Human Organisms
  • Neuron - The Functional and Structural Unit of Neural System
  • Concept of Central Neural System
  • Meaning of Reflex Arc and Reflex Action
  • Meaning of Sensory Reception and Processing

This second-last chapter of class 11 biology is all about the neural system that humans have inside their bodies. Through the topic 'Neural Coordination and Control', the human neural system has been extensively explained. The subtopics highlighted in the introductory portion above are the mechanisms of neural coordination.

This chapter is also a part of the fifth unit of class 11 Biology syllabus. The central nervous system (CNS) components, such as the forebrain, hindbrain, peripheral nervous system, midbrain, autonomic nervous system, spinal cord, and sense organs, i.e. the ears & eyes are also a part that has been explained under this chapter. The students would also get to know about the process of impulse conduction, vision, and hearing in a captivating manner.



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Key Features of the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 21 : Neural Control and Coordination

  • Such a perplexing chapter like the neural system has been turned into an interesting and engaging lesson by Aakash through its admirable NCERT solutions.
  • Each explanation and solution answer is backed with a supporting diagram or a flowchart to make the concept straightforward and easily understandable.
  • The self-solving exercises in the solutions have marks allotted to each section or question as per the latest marks distribution scheme issued by the CBS board of studies in this regard.

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