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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 11 - Transport in Plants

How transportation or movement in plants takes place is the crux of the chapter' Transport in Plant.' Here, regarding plants, students will learn about the Means of Transport, Relationship shared between Plant and Water, How Water is Transported to Long Distance, How Mineral Nutrients are Absorbed and Transported, Transpiration, Transport: Flow from Source to Sink, and Phloem, Plants receive miscellaneous inorganic elements (ions) and salts from the surroundings in which they inhabit, particularly from soil and water. The presence of xylem and phloem in a vascular system in higher plants helps in translocation in them.

In this process, Phloem in the transportation of food sucrose (primarily) from the source to the sink. Furthermore, with the help of the pressure-flow hypothesis, the process of translocation in phloem has been explained in this chapter. Let us dig a bit deeper into the topics of this chapter to discover more knowledge about them.

  • Medium of Transport
  • Relationship between plant and water
  • How is long distance transportation of water done?
  • Transpiration
  • How are Mineral and Nutrients absorbed and transported?
  • Transport of Phloem - Flow from Source to Sink

Multiple substances and elements, viz minerals, water, hormones, organic solutes, gases, and more are transported by plants through various modes, like diffusion, facilitated diffusion, etc. Based on this, the different transport processes are compared to each other through which a concept of plant-water relation is derived in brief. All these concepts and subtopics have been summarised under chapter 11 of class 11 Biology.

It is also said here that the concept of water potentials is radical to understanding water movement. Other topics covered are plasmolysis, osmosis, long-distance water transport, imbibition, water absorption by plants, transpiration, The chapter emphasizes the concept of how water is transported upwards in plants to reach the last leaf, for which a clear understanding of root pressure, guttation, and a few other theories is required.



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