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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 20 - Locomotion and Movement

One of the significant attributes of living beings is movement, and of all the living beings plants and animals show a wide range of movements. And, such voluntary movements are known as locomotion. The different forms of locomotory movement are walking, climbing, running, swimming, and flying. Locomotory structures are different from those that help in other types of movements. The methods through which animals perform locomotion changes with the demand of their situation and their habitats.

Also covered in this chapter are the reasons that explain why locomotion is required, which are to find shelter, food, appropriate breeding grounds, mating partner, to hide from predators, or in search of favourable climatic conditions. The topics in this chapter are explained below.

  • Different types of movement
  • Muscle
  • Skeleton System
  • Joints
  • Disorders in Skeleton and Muscular System

Except for plants which are immobile, every other living organism exhibits locomotion and movement function. This chapter's inclusion in class 11 has been made to enlighten the students about movement and its functionality exhaustively. Animals have different methods of locomotion compared to plants.

This chapter will explain to the students the various structures used for locomotion and their mechanism, the skeletal system, functions of joints and bones, muscular system, and the disarray in the skeletal system, like arthritis. Even the concepts of voluntary and involuntary action of muscles have been incorporated in this chapter.



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Key Features of the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 20 : Locomotion and Movement

  • Aakash has given an all-inclusive overview of class 11 Biology chapter 'Locomotion and Movement.' By using this solution, students would learn the art of writing excellent and compelling answers.
  • Along with detailed elaboration of each topic, Aakash has given a summary as well to conclude every topic.
  • Their solutions PDF file can be accessed in both online and offline mode, the latter option being available if the students download the file, which is free.
  • Through colourful pictures and diagrams, the concepts have been made refined.

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