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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 18 - Body Fluids and Circulation

In the 'Body Fluids and Circulation' chapter, the significance of fluids for the body, and how they are circulated have been explained. All living cells' basic requirements to function properly are oxygen, nutrients, and a few other essential elements. Along with this, the harmful substances or the waste inside the body need to be eliminated regularly for the body tissues' healthy functioning. In higher organisms that include humans, the body fluid that is most commonly used is the blood. Next, highly used body fluid is lymph that helps in transporting essential creatine substances.

This chapter will explore the areas of the properties and composition of blood and lymph (tissue fluid), and the method of blood circulation. For a deeper understanding of the topics explained herein, read the short explanation given below.

  • Blood
  • Lymph - The Tissue Fluid
  • Circulatory Pathways
  • Double Circulation
  • Managing Cardiac Activity
  • The disarray of the Circulatory System

In chapter 18, students will be taken through the concepts of body fluids and circulation, and a detailed discussion on the connective tissue made up of plasma, formed elements, like blood, and fluid matrix. Other than blood, the chapter also explains about lymph, which is a tissue fluid present in the body. The sub-topic blood is defined as a special connective tissue of living entities that comprises plasma, fluid matrix, and formed elements, such as leukocytes, thrombocytes, and erythrocytes.

Sub-parts of blood, i.e. blood coagulation, different blood groups, different circulatory channels of blood, and a few more. Explanations of the human circulatory system have also been made in detail where the Heart occupies the central position. Here, a few other topics that have been elaborated on are electrocardiography, cardiac cycle, double circulation, and more.



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