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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science History Chapter 1 - The French Revolution

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The chapter begins by describing how the finance of France was drained in War-related expenses. Further, the chapter points out how the lower class of the society was forced to pay high taxes while other classes had their privileges. Severe crisis occurred due to an increase in the population that led to an increase in demand for food.

The chapter outlines the events that led to awareness in the society and prohibition of privileges to certain people. Civil people of France began revolts and protests around the country. By the end of the chapter, the closure of monarchy and the beginning of a new government have been stated to be equality amongst all. The chapter ends with a positive note of slavery coming to an end. Women were given equality and the rise of new developing France.

  • The chapter talks about the atrocities the citizens of France had to face due to the French rulers.
  • In the event of a deficit in reserves, the rulers took hefty loans that they couldn’t pay back. Due to which the tax burden fell on the weaker sections of the society.
  • The population increased, and the demand for food with it. With the increase in the price of food grains and drought that led to the low production of crops, the weaker section faced difficulties.
  • With the rise in trade, the weaker sections developed, and the awareness of equality spread with the news of America's newly formed constitution.
  • The rise of unity can be seen in the chapter. People started planning for a revolution that led to the outgrowing of ideas and thoughts.
  • Soon with the new government, there was equality among all, but Robespierre’s government had started misusing equality powers.
  • In the end, Robespierre was arrested, and this marked the equality of women, the end of slavery, and the development of the French.



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