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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Political Science Chapter 1 - What is Democracy

The chapter begins with a conversation between Mary and her Lyngdoh Madam, which is based on Democracy. The definition of Democracy has been given along with features such as the members of democracy are elected by the people, and only they have the right to make a decision. The practice of Free and Fair competition is the main essence of Democracy.

The chapter further explains the policy of “One person, one vote and one value.” The focus is on respecting the rules of law and rights in which the example of Zimbabwe is considered. The importance of having democracy in the country has been stated. The chapter ends with the arguments in favour and against the idea of democracy. Also, various definitions and theories have been put forth.

  • The chapter talks about the real meaning and definition that can be derived from Democracy.
  • As the meaning and definition of democracy are vague, almost every government can call itself Democratic, so features are listed to pick out the real democratic countries.
  • Formation of Democracy is impossible without a fair vote and election.
  • The chapter highlights the main feature of democracy, which is that in a democratic country the final decision-making power lies with those who are elected by the people.
  • The importance of having an opposition party is vital to call the victory of the other party a democratic win.
  • Democratic government works on constitutional laws and citizen's rights.
  • The countries which are called democratic but perform against their rules have been detailed.
  • In the end, the chapter describes the advantages of democracy and distinguishes it from other forms of government by citing examples.



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