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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science Geography Chapter 4 - Climate

The Geography section of Social science has covered India's physical attributes and the river system as well. The fourth chapter talks about the Climatic conditions in India. Reasons for certain climates being fixed to months and states have been described in detail. There are variations in the temperature of summer in parts of India, and there is no compulsion of the same temperature of summer in all states of India.

The mountains' height acts as a barrier to cold winds flowing from other regions of the world. Various climatic controls and factors affecting it are listed. The onset and withdrawal of monsoon are stated with the help of data and maps. Different seasons in India and the diversification of states with the crops grown in specific seasons are all mentioned in the chapter. In the end, the chapter gives evidence-based on maps and newspaper articles regarding the sudden fall of temperature in various states of India.

  • The chapter talks about the major climatic conditions of India.
  • Not all seasons maintain the same temperature in all the states of India. Several factors determine the temperature in various states.
  • The chill winds from the Himalaya and jet streams from the Indian Ocean's southern region have different effects on the season in the respective states.
  • Monsoon in the Northern part of India might be due to the harsh winds and precipitation from the Himalayas and the rivers that flow from the peninsular region.
  • The chapter further mentions different crops grown in the respective seasons in the states.
  • The chapter presents data of change in the pattern of weather in various states through maps and articles published in the newspaper.


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