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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science History Chapter 3 - Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

The popular chapter in NCERT class 9th Social Science is “Nazism and the rise of Hitler” which nearly shook the world with Hitler's belief systems. To make the concept of Nazism simple, the chapter begins with the story of Helmuth committing suicide over the fear of enemies. Further, the hyperinflation of Germany came to be known all over the world. The Great Economic Depression due to the excessive loans borrowed during the war by Germany has been explained.

Hitler was born in famine, due to which he became the rebel foundation of the Nazis. Hitler's strong wit to make German the strongest nation in the world by conquering Europe has been briefed. Hitler’s way of treating people led to a huge outcry in Germany. The chapter ends by highlighting the end of Humanity with the rule of Hitler.

  • The chapter begins by depicting the cruel political nature of Germany.
  • Hefty loans were taken, and resources were sold to capture rival countries.
  • During the First World War, though the army was placed above civilians, they faced harsh realities of famine, corpses left behind to rot, etc.
  • Despite the defeat and killings of germans in world war I, a heavy amount of money taken by other countries was again spent in World War II.
  • Foodgrains' prices increased, and soon the government of Germany started circulating printed currencies in huge amounts.
  • This led to Hyperinflation, and the USA came to the rescue of Germany by aiding advances With the changes in the USA, the loans stopped that led to the downpour of Germany.
  • The chapter then describes the birth of Hilter at a time when the country was in disaster.
  • The chapter ends with the factors that led to the Murder of Humanity by Hitler’s policies.


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