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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science Economics Chapter 4 - Food Security in India

The chapter starts with a brief description of the necessity of food and its definition. To have proper availability of food in all states, there are several factors to be followed. The country can prevent famine if there is a surplus amount of food stored in the government warehouses to supply the country's population.

The chapter focuses on migrant workers who can’t afford to stock up food resources for a month. Government schemes have also been used to tackle the issue of hunger and food insecurity in the country. Various acts and policies have been passed and implemented by the government to ensure that the people accessed the food grains. In the end, the chapter discusses the role of cooperatives in ending food insecurity.

  • At the beginning of the chapter, the description of food and its availability has been briefed out.
  • Production, food imports, and availability of food in the government warehouses are the important factors for food availability
  • Supply chain management plays a key role in maintaining the accessibility of food to everyone.
  • Another most important factor that leads to food insecurity is that food grains' prices should be affordable for all.
  • The chances of high food insecurity increase when the government doesn’t take measures to maintain all the factors mentioned above.
  • A bar graph has been used in the chapter to illustrate the food production in India from 19760-2019
  • Government introduces Buffer stock and purchases the food grains at Minimum Support Price from the farmers, and the food grains are stored in Granaries to supply it in the food deficit areas
  • The chapter ends with the measures which are to be taken by cooperatives to prevent food insecurity.


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