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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science, Political Science Chapter 7 - Outcomes of Democracy

Since we live in the largest Democracy in the world, it is important to know about the function and outcomes of Democracy. In this chapter, we learn about it. This chapter completely focuses on that. We learn why Democracy is the best way to run a government. Them being enhancing the dignity of people, promoting equality, making better decisions and resolve conflicts, and many more .

Democracy is totally for the benefit of the people. Democracy offers rights to people to elect their ruler and gives them control over the government. It is accountable to the citizens, their needs, and their expectations. A democracy follows various norms and rules and acts effectively. It is the people's government where they are the decision-makers.

We also learn why it is important when it comes to development and also the drawbacks. But any day, Democracy is better than dictatorship and has various positive outcomes. Though Democracy doesn't offer such high growth, its other benefits can't be ignored. India is a developing country and has a lot of poor people. And Democracy gives them a chance to chose their leader. It offers a way to reduce poverty and inequality in the country.

Democracy also allows social diversity. India is a secular country and has various groups of people living together. Conflicts arise in such situations, and Democracy is the best way to get positive outcomes. The majority needs to work with minorities and solve issues accordingly, and even with the majority in power, minorities should be given equal rights in all aspects. We explore the country in few lines and learn various things and also some stories.

Democracy offers freedom citizens and dignity to citizens. Respect is provided to each individual, and equal rights are to be given to minorities like women, and caste inequalities are reduced to a minimum. The best way to run a country is by a democratic government where people are not discriminated against and given the right to food and choose the government. Though Democracy comes with a lot of drawbacks, it also has many positive outcomes.



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