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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science History Chapter 3 - Making of a Global World

The third chapter of Class 10 History covers major topics, such as trade and migration, which impacted the making of a global world. The chapter discusses the pre-modern world and the major events occurring during this particular period. In this chapter, students will learn about the silk routes that impacted Asia's link with Europe and northern Africa through trade and cultural exchange.

Next, students will learn how food as well impacted the global world culturally. The chapter discusses that several food items were brought to other parts of the world, which left a cultural influence. For example, potatoes native to America were brought to Europe, which impacted the lifestyle of the Europeans as they grew reliant on potatoes to feed themselves. Apart from trade and food travels, other factors impacted the global world as well, such as conquests, diseases, for example, smallpox, poverty, hunger, etc.

In the nineteenth century, gradually, a global economy started to take shape. During this period, urban centres and industries started to grow in Britain. The growth of industries forced the British government to scrap the existing law, which restricted the import of food products, such as corn. As a result, products were imported for lower prices and local farmlands were left uncultivated. Consequently, the farmers and farmland worker migrated to urban areas in search of work. Gradually, this triggered a mass migration from Europe to America and Australia. Furthermore, the development of technology also played a major role in cultural exchange throughout the world. The inventions of railways, steamships and the telegraph contributed to enabling trade exchanges around the world.

This chapter also discusses colonialism, the first world war, the second world war, and the post-war world eras situation.



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